a love package

  saint valentine’s day is the day of love and friendship, and it is celebrated in many countries around the world on the 14th of february.  the heart is one of the symbols of this day.  it is said that … Continue reading

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the aim is love

love is in mind on valentine’s day.  love is the aim.  cupid is aiming…when he strikes, in that instant you are in love.  the aim is love.  love is the aim for thebestdressup now! Love looks not with the eyes, … Continue reading

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love struck

every time i pass this painting, i am left wondering who the arrow aimed will hit?  his gaze tells me, be my valentine…i am love struck.  on target.  being the target of cupid’s arrow on valentine’s day is for thebestdressup … Continue reading

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this heart is on fire

love, in any form, is the greatest force on earth.  valentine’s day celebrates this force, love and friendship, and i embrace this luvFAB day with abandon.  love as a concept, in ancient greek, was referred in four distinct forms; ‘eros’, … Continue reading

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