ciao! ciao is hello or goodbye; a salutation on greeting or parting in italian.  it embraces a beginning and an end in a most informal way.  leave it to the italian language to offer this  ‘2 in one’ word.  a duality of sorts.  as ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’, perhaps ‘ciao’ proposes that we are not parting when we say ‘ciao’ as we depart.  we are simply ascertaining that we will greet again.  so, as it is in the greeting that we delight, is this not just the best word?  and with such enthusiasm we should greet every aspect of our life. when ‘ciao’ is used on departure, it reminds that an enthusiastic greeting awaits.  ciao! what a luvFAB word.  this is the salutation for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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6 Responses to ciao!

  1. says:

    Ciao ! I love it!

  2. Ciao! 🙂 buon viaggio!

  3. 76sanfermo says:

    “Ciao” is your pass-word , isn’t it? I ‘m sure you know that it means ” I’m your slave”…..
    In a Veneto dialect it was “sciao” ( slave) initially , and then became the modern CIAO…….
    (Though nobody is slave to no one!)

  4. ledrakenoir says:

    I really adore this italian word – guten tag / auf widersehen in german, hello / see you later in english, bonjour / à bientôt in french – they don’t match the sound of a ciao – arrivederci sounds beautiful but doesn’t beat a ciao… 😀

    The area where I lived a great part as child and young, the border area between German and Denmark there is a loving word which means the same “mojn” (spoken moejn) – mojn and ciao are my favorites… 😉


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