never give up

Miami Heat
AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Yesterday, 9:00 PM (ET)
San Antonio
100 – 103
1 2 3 4 OT Total
Spurs 25 25 25 20 5 100
Heat 27 17 21 30 8 103

the AmericanAirlines Arena went wild.  i now understand what fans get from following sports.  the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs.  this was the sixth game of the NBA Finalswhich could had been the championship game for the San Antonio Spurs. it’s just a basketball game, and i do not follow sports, but these finals are exhilarating.  in particular this sixth game.  rapid, rapid heartbeats; i am still on a high.  in a matter of seconds, the Miami Heat scored, and tied the game which went on overtime.  the San Antonio Spurs were about to win and take the trophy.  in a matter of seconds, the Miami Heat took the win from the san antonio spurs, 103 – 100.  not minutes, just seconds.  that is all it took for the Miami Heat to turn the game around.  they did not give up.  this thursday is the final and decisive game.  one team will win the championship. champions or not, we must not ever give up.  life is a game in which we must never give up.  things can turn around in just seconds.  the alternative is to win.  to ‘never give up’ is the best play in life for thebestdressup now!

                                                         2013 NBA Finals - Game Six

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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6 Responses to never give up

  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Sometimes it isn’t the sport itself but the atmosphere around it which are amazing… 🙂

    • ciao! i so agree. watching a team making a ‘miraculous’ comeback in the last quarter, yet losing by 5 points, scoring in the last few seconds to tie, bringing the game to overtime and winning by 3 points is pure exhilaration. this atmosphere is contagious. i was affected, and reminded that in life, winning is an alternative. never give up :}

  2. So we talking sport now, ehn! . *Just passing by* lol

  3. ciao! not a habit…don’t get used to this 🙂

  4. Game 6 was amazing! And so nerve-wrecking!

  5. ciao! yes. made the championship ever more memorable. quite exhilarating 🙂

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