3 luvSTUFF = 3 luvMUST

1) flowers– the march equinox, which marks the first day of spring, is almost upon us.  it’s the season of rebirth and renewal.  spring flowers have started to bloom, and this is an ideal time to bring fresh flowers indoors.  an orchid plant is a wonderful choice, as their lasting flowers can make it through the spring season.  smell the flowers.  orchids divine perfume and spectacular beauty refresh any space.  bring fresh flowers indoors; do take in the splendour of the season.  and don’t forget to smell the flowers.  springtime blossoms, indoor and outdoor, are for thebestdressup now!


2) facial scrub– Chantecaille has a new dual-action facial scrub that leaves your skin exquisitely polished and radiantly clean.  formulated with hibiscus flower acids and bamboo powder, it’s an advanced formula that suits even the most sensitive skins.  this gentle exfolianting cream is just the best product to exfoliate dead cells from the top layer of your facial skin.  your skin will feel thoroughly cleansed, soft and supple.  what better time than springtime, to treat your face to a brighter complexion.  welcoming spring with a glowing face is the look for thebestdressup now!

chantecaille, face srub, face treatment, the best dress up

3) shirt– not just any ‘button down’ shirt.  leave it to PRADA to welcome this spring with a white, button down, 3/4 sleeve shirt, that sprouts a bloom on the chest.  i can smell its scent.  this flower applique renders the masculine ‘white button down’ shirt just ever so feminine.  this spring, smell a flower, all flowers.  don’t forget.  and wear a bloom.  that is what spring is about.  wearing a flair of femininity, anytime, and certainly in spring, is for thebestdressup now!

prada, prada spring 2013, prada white shirt, flower shirt, the best dress up

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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7 Responses to 3 luvSTUFF = 3 luvMUST

  1. supriya says:

    In India its a beginning of summer but every season has its own beauty & thanks for the tip of scrub & white shirt is quite pretty 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful! Love the white orchids.

  3. Eleganti e raffinate, come tutto ciò che scegli…

  4. ciao! sei talmente gentile…mi arriva al cuore.

  5. mkesling63 says:

    I nominated you for the dragons loyality award. Plwease see my post on it.

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