central park from above

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~Percy Bysshe Shelley 

central park, new york city, new york, the best dress up

azure sky, a crisp chill.  i can see the park shivers in the cold of winter.  i am reminded that spring is on its way.  hope is for thebestdressup now!

central park, new york city, new york, the best dress up

central park; its hue has changed.  on this glorious, luvFAB winter day, i almost prefer to observe the park from above.  i do know, that in a blink of an eye, it will change again. spring will be here.  hope.  at this moment though, winter is here.  with hope in mind, this winter is for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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26 Responses to central park from above

  1. supriya says:

    Nice pix. One side nature form its beauty other side human do. But I still prefer nature 🙂

  2. SW says:

    Optimism (The Shiver) and the Four Seasons Hotel
    Thanks for the post, it inspired two haiku , one about the Blogger and and one about the Blogger’s favorite New York hotel in winter :

    In the chill she sees
    The possible seed of future
    Optimistic blindness

    Air cuts like saber
    Clarity in all you see
    One season hotel

  3. I LOVE Central Park. I was in awe the first time I went there…can’t get enough of its beauty.

  4. ciao! central park continues to fascinate at all times and all seasons; it is a luvMUST. a gift of beauty for all who want to ‘stop and smell the roses’; even from above.

  5. Totally craving spring too…
    can’t wait for its arrival~

  6. stellina says:

    WOW, sorry, my english is not so good, the pictures are great

  7. shiroknowes says:

    I would love to see Central Park and once I go………beautiful photos !

  8. feminet says:

    I can almost smell the spring coming.

  9. ciao! yes it’s in the air…

  10. Ruby says:

    Your blog is awesome, thank you for stopping by mine too! Have a great day!

  11. azita says:

    love the pix! oh joy oh spring can’t wait!

  12. Seyi sandra says:

    Cool pics, love it! Makes me want to jump on the plane and come to New York!

  13. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  14. timkeen40 says:

    Awesome pictures. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I wouldn’t mind to visit.


  15. enjoying your insights to these events…

  16. ciao! so glad. 🙂

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