although florence appears not to change; it does.  the food scene has.  florence, italy, is a city invaded with tourism that, in general, does not appreciate the characteristic dishes of the tuscan cuisine.  as a result, many restaurants there have changed direction, serving substandard quality of a globalized italian cuisine.  fortunately, there are still venues that retain their idiosyncratic character with respect for tradition.  in the wine cellars of The Antinori’s Palace, palazzo antinori, you will find my absolute luvFAB florentine restaurant, Buca Lapi.  this is the oldest running restaurant in florence, italy, dating back to 1880.  it was in the subterranean cellar,  thus buca, hole in italian, of this renaissance palace, where orazio lapi served tripe wrapped in newspapers, and as a result the antinori family named the ‘buca’ after orazio.  Buca Lapi was in the hands of this family until 1995, when Luciano Ghinassi, who had been with the restaurant since the 60’s, took ownership.  a renowned and talented chef, Luciano Ghinassi, is the attentive and quality obsessed owner, who oversees with much passion this impeccable open kitchen trattoria.  Buca Lapi offers a classical tuscan menu that uses the best and freshest seasonal ingredients.  you will savour the finest bistecca alla fiorentina, chianina beef, grilled to perfection, and homemade pastas that adhere to authentic tuscan recipes. yes, there are as well desserts to rave about, and they are incomparable.  Luciano Ghinassi prepares the desserts every day, and my favourite is his flourless chocolate cake which is in a class of its own.  i have been frequenting this tuscan gem since i can remember, and i return to my luvFAB Buca Lapiwith much enthusiasm to indulge in tuscan cuisine.  classical tuscan cuisine does not change at Buca Lapi, and this never changing tradition is for thebestdressup now!

buca lapi restaurant, florence, italy, the best dress up

the entrance to Buca Lapi on via del trebbio.   open this door and step inside a buca that will satisfy your appetite for the finest tuscan cuisine.buca lapi restaurant, chiara and luciabo ghinassi, florence italy, the best dress up

tuscan traditions are kept in the family; luciano ghinassi and his daughter chiara.

buca lapi, florence, italy, the best dress up

the exceptional service matches the authentic tuscan dishes.  in this buca, the tuscan ‘dolce vita’ is to be experienced, and this suits thebestdressup now!

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ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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12 Responses to BUCA LAPI

  1. I love the doors to the restaurant, they are beautiful.

  2. stylentonic says:

    Love this restaurant!!! I have wrote on this walls!!!
    One of my best vacations ever in Florence 5 years ago!!!

  3. Athina says:

    I’d been to Florence when I was in high-school (and that was -darn it- many years ago!). I’m in love with the city ever since… travel plans include a definite come back in the near future and then, we’ll make sure to visit Buca Lapi 🙂

  4. ciao! so glad florence is in your future travel plans and that buca lapi is on your ‘to do’ list. you will understand why buca lapi is just a luvFAB restaurant.

  5. Oh I might be going to Florence quite soon – if so I will definitely visit this restaurant! 🙂

  6. I love Florence!!!! I’ll have to remember this restaurant for whenever I get a chance to go back. Thanks for sharing!

  7. ciao! do go…it will be a highlight of your trip in florence.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’ve always wanted to go to Florence 😉

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