a luvFAB relationship between a brother and sister gave birth to one of the best restaurants in the world, Le Bernardin.  gilbert and maguy le coze, worked in their family inn and restaurant, in port navalo, france, and with much ambition to make it on their own, went on to paris to open a restaurant, le petit bernardin.  years later, having had much success in paris, crossed the atlantic, and in 1986, in new york city, opened restaurant Le Bernardin.  Maguy Le Coze was in the front and Gilbert Le Coze was the chef.  Gilbert Le Coze had a touch with seafood that was then unknown to the city, as the cuisine scene there was not what one experiences today.  their magical energy and hard work paid off; le bernardin was an instant success.  five years later, in 1991, the siblings expanded an opened brasserie le coze, in miami, florida.  it was like nothing miami had ever experienced.  Gilbert Le Coze handpicked Eric Ripert, as the executive chef, and eric’s passion was straightaway evident.  when Gilbert Le Coze died unexpectedly, in 1994, Eric Ripert, followed his spirit with much fervor.  thereafter, brasserie le coze closed and the atlanta, georgia venue did as well.  the focus was to be Le Bernardin in new york.  eric ripert became executive chef of Le Bernardinand in 1996, co-owner, with Maguy Le Coze.  Le Bernardin has been awarded three Michelin stars, and is the restaurant which has held four stars from The New York Times for the longest period of time, having earned the ranking in early 1986.  it was with great pleasure that i attended, in 2007, the presentation in paris, at the elysee palace, where Maguy Le Coze, was awarded the insignia of chevalier of the national order of the legion of honour.  two years later, Eric Ripert, as well, was a recipient of the legion of honour, france’s highest honour.  although they have received much deserved recognition, Le Bernardin, has not remained stagnant; reaching to continuously exceed.  since its openning, Le Bernardin has been a venue where i have celebrated many special occasions, as well as enjoyed intimate memorable dinners.  for fish and seafood lovers, Le Bernardin is the absolute best.  why?  simply because in this ever changing world, to find this level of consistency and quality is quite rare.  from its beginning until present, on a culinary level, it still takes my breath away.  the dishes are not about addition, but about subtraction.  a sum total that makes every dish simply the best.  yes, how fortunate to have the breath to enjoy this culinary thrill.  its ambience, cuisine, and service are of a restaurant at its best. Le Bernardin is without question the absolute luvFAB restaurant for thebestdressup now!

le bernardin, new york, the best dress up

the portrait of grandpere durand, maguy and gilbert le coze’s grandfather, was brought from their paris restaurant, and still hangs in the entrance for good luck.  actually, the luck is to be at Le Bernardin.  savour a moment in the now, enjoy a glass of champagne at the bar, anticipating what awaits you…a cuisine that thrills and seduces the palate, this is just the fortune for thebestdressup now!

le bernardin, new york, the best dress up

Le Bernardin was renovated last year, and it now has a contemporary design.  the ambience is elegant but with quite a warm feel.  this is just the special venue for thebestdressup now!

ben chekroun, le bernardin, new york city, the best dress up

ben chekroun is the directeur de salle at Le Bernardin, he follows every detail in the restaurant, and as if by magic anticipates your requests.  he receives you with much warmth; you instantly feel at home.  this is professionalism at its best.  there is no bar to grade this service as it goes beyond the usual and expected.  this is impeccable hospitality for thebestdressup  now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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5 Responses to LE BERNARDIN

  1. Annelies Da Costa Gomez says:

    I could not have said it better! Maguey,Eric and Ben continue to offer their patrons the BEST dining experience in New York City.
    It is THE highlight of our trips to the city and a tradition. A very special place to celebrate the special moments in your life!
    Le Bernardin is without a doubt THE restaurant for that!!!

  2. Vivianne Kurzweil says:

    Brasserie Le Coze was my favorite restaurant in Miami in the early 1990’s. I got engaged there on Valentine’s Day 1992. I look forward to visiting Le Bernardin the next time that I am in NYC.

    X Vivianne

    • ciao! that is memorable. brasserie le coze was quite romantic, and miami has not ever again had a venue that compares. on your next visit to the city, do go to le bernardin for lunch or dinner. you will be enamoured. 🙂

  3. Maggie Hindie says:

    One of the best restaurants ever 🙂 Truly a delectable experience 🙂 love it love it love it!

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