farm to table is the bounty in california cuisine and particularly in the wine region.  last year in healdsburg, california, we had dinner at SCOPA, and the fine memory of dinner there remained.  a few weeks ago, on a short notice trip, we wanted to return to SCOPA for dinner.  but as SCOPA is a small venue that is booked well in advance, we could not get a reservation.  every restaurant in healdsburg was booked.  although, just a restaurant door, i was to be reminded that when one door closes, another one opens. dawnelise regnery, who co-owns the restaurants with her husband, chef ari rosen, suggested Campo Fina, just around the corner, the sister restaurant that they had opened this past summer.  although a bit disappointed, we decided to try it.  a great alternative was opening its door.  Campo Fina is housed in a rennovated 1895 building, that was originally a saloon.  the interior of the restaurant has hardwood floors and brick walls keeping with a saloon feel, and in the rear, there is a charming patio and a bocce court. Campo Fina is italian for a fine field, as in fields of green, farm to table, and for serafina, their child.  this casual wood fire eatery, with farm to table italian delicious small plates, pizzas that are fired just right, and an interesting wine list, indeed does live up to its name.  yes, another reason to return to healdsburg.  Campo Fina is decisively a fine luvFIND eatery for thebestdressup now!

campo fina restaurant healdsburg, california, the best dress up

Campo Fina is a luvFIND.  in this atmospheric eatery you will find a warm reception and a menu that fires the appetite.  a door opens.  this door leads you to a fine field of delicious plates for thebestdressup now! 

interior of campo fina restaurant, healdsburg, california, the best dress up

the interior of Campo Fina suggests a saloon of the early westward ho days but the updated wine list offers an interesting choice of wines of the region as well as from italy. there is a glass of wine to suit thebestdressup now!

chef ari rosen, scopa restaurant, campo fina restaurant, healdsburg, california, the best dress up

chef ari rosen, who with his wife, dawnelise, owns SCOPA and Campo Fina, has his pulse on farm to table italian cooking.  these two restaurants in healdsburg, california,  are for the palate of thebestdressup now!   

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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2 Responses to CAMPO FINA

  1. I love the farm to table idea. We have a few places popping up in Philadelphia, very good.

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