verite is french for truth, and as well, the name of a winery.  this winery, Verite, brings to mind, the well known phrase, in vino veritas, translating from the latin, in wine there is truth, and takes it just a bit further; adding inspiration, joy and desire.  a few days ago, at the Verite estate winery, in healdsburg, california, the phrase held a strong resonance, and not only because wine makes us speak the truth, but because Verite wine is an honest and pure expression of what wine can be.  the truth be told, these wines may indeed inspire, bring joy and fulfill desire.  the extent of my experience with this winery was limited to a ’99 la muse that i had enjoyed years ago.  i was to discover that i was not prepared for, well, this joyful and thruthful experience.  jess jackson, an american wine entrepreneur and lawyer, who in the early ’80’s started kendall-jackson winery, met pierre seillan, a seventh generation winemaker from gascony, france, around 1996, and offered him the position of winemaker, or as pierre insists, vigneron, in healdsburg, california.  jess jackson wanted to make a great wine, and before his passing last year, he more than realized this dream.  the first Verite wine was released in 1998, and ever since, Verite wines have been making ground breaking news in the world of wine.  pierre seillan’s Verite wines; la muse, la joie and le desir, have been awarded by the wine critic, robert parker, more 100 points than any other wine in the planet.  at Verite estate winery, we tasted the 2002 – 2008 vintages of la muse, la joie, and le desir.  Verite wines do speak the truth about themselves.  i can say that this was an absolute luvFAB, in vino veritas tasting experience.   yes, Verite grand cru bordeaux blend wines speak just the right truths for thebestdressup now!

verite winery, healdsburg, california, wine, bordeaux wine, the best dress up

the truth be told, a private tasting, on an absolutely beautiful day, at the Verite winery in healdsburg, california, was just a joy that satisfied the desire for a great wine and inspired thebestdressup now!

verite winery, healdsburg, california, wine, the best dress up

entering Verite winery for a private tasting was to be a revelation.  a total of 3,000 cases of this wine is produced per year.  the 3 wines produced are blends of over 150 selected wines from jackson family vineyards.  to date, these wines have been awarded more 100 points than any other wine on earth.  these truths speak loud and clear about a great wine that fills the glass of  thebestdressup now!

erik ackerman, verite winery, the best dress up

erik ackerman knows the wine.  he is the enthusiastic and knowledgeable estate director, that enriched our tasting experience at Verite winery.  his truths about Verite wines inspired thebestdressup now!

verite wines, verite winery, wines, healdsburg, california, the best dress up

that is pierre seillan, on the photo, overlooking his 100 points Verite wines; la muse (inspiration), la joie (joy), and le desir (desire).  can i say the truth?  these are luvFAB wines for thebestdressup now!

verite private tasting, verite wines, healdsburg, california, the best dress up

the Verite wine tasting in the lovely estate room is about to begin; la muse, la joie, and le desir will reveal truths for thebestdressup now!

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ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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