smash & grab

locust projects now resides at 3852 n. miami avenue in miami, florida, and this is quite a location, considering its beginning.  locust projects was founded by three artists, Westen CharlesCOOPER, and Elizabeth Withstandley, in 1998, as a not for profit organization, to extend a venue for artists to exhibit their art, without the constraints of for profit galleries, in the then depressed area of wynwood, florida.  these three, had a vision that has enabled many artists to thrive and grow, and enriched the miami art scene. Westen Charles, introduced me to locust projects, almost 10 years ago, and his energy and enthusiasm has kept me connected.  the new address, places locust projects, in the midst of the on the radar trendy miami design district, attracting a wide range of viewers.  the organization is supported by grants and fundraisers.  smash & grab is one of their fundraisers, and the event in itself, would make an absorbing art installation worthy of a grab.  the event is a raffle, in which over 100 local, national, and international artists donate artworks, and as many tickets are sold; making every ticket holder a winner of an art piece.  the fun begins, when at random, the first ticket is drawn, and that ticket holder has the first choice to smash & grab an artwork.  the drawing continues, at about one minute intervals, until all the art is grabbed but not smashed.  every ticket holder will grab an artwork, but not knowing when your ticket will be drawn, extends an element of anticipated, yet unwarned surprise.  to seize this instant, grabbing your art selection, is a revelatory luvFIND.  many of the donating artists are in attendance at the event, so that artists, artwork, and the collector, are brought together.  it’s an engaging and fun event. Locust Projects’ Tenth Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser, created another view for me to grab; art on a journey to a ticket holder, by the luck of the draw.  and as such, i view this event as an art installation.  in a larger venue, at their new address, my luvfab locust projects, allows for creative views to grow; this is a smashing concept for the imagination of thebestdressup now!

westen charles, locust project,  chana sheldon,the best dress up

Westen Charles, one of locust projects founder, and chana sheldon, executive creative director, at Locust Projects’ Tenth Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser event.  his vision assisted in creating an exhibition venue for artists and collectors, that has blossomed into a smashing grab.  Chana Sheldon, in the back, is just the engaging creative force, front and back, for this luvFAB organization.

locust project, smash & grab, dennis scholl, miami, florida the best dress up

the master of Locust Projects’ Tenth Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser event, Dennis Scholl, draws the ticket, giving every ticket holder a grab for a smashing surprise.  this grab, is the luck of the draw, that wins an artwork, and an anticipated annual surprise for thebestdressup now!

frances trombly, leydenrodriguez-cassanova, locust project,  smash & grab, miami, florida, the best dress up,

artists, Frances Trombly and Leyden RodriguezCasanova, in front of their donated artwork, at Locust Projects’ Tenth Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser event.  although trombly and rodriguez, work as individual artists, they have done two collaborative exhibitions, and the artwork for the event is from a collaboration.  their piece was not for my grab, but this couple’s work, in any regard, is a luvFIND for thebestdressup now!

locust project, 10th annual smash & grab, miami, florida, the best dress up

the luck of the draw did bring me a grab; a Shelter Serra.  he is a new york based artist, whose works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.  using a variety of media, including drawing, painting, and sculpture, Shelter Serrachallenges the viewer to reflect on his intended message.  my smash & grab artwork -sold out!- is art that provokes a smashing commentary for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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