the other night, heading to Harry’s Pizzeriafor a pop up dinner, what triggers a connection between people, came to mind.  is there a cue that sets in motion this exchange?  Michael Schwartz, the proprietor of Michaels Genuine and Harry’s Pizzeriawas welcoming Andrew Carmellinias chef for the Harry’s Pizzeria pop-up.  i was quite excited about this particular event, as i was looking forward to seeing both andrew and michael, and yes, i knew that i would be eating well.  years before, in new york city, at Cafe Boulud, i had met Andrew Carmellini.  i had been frequenting Cafe Boulud, for lunch when i was in the city, and on one of those visits, on a very hungry day, i ordered a dish that was prepared so well; it was actually, just exquisite.  i had to meet the chef.  i had to get the recipe for this dish.  the tomato risotto was the charm.   Andrew Carmellini, came to our table, he was then, the executive chef, and received my sincere praise.  he invited me to the kitchen, reviewed the details of the tomato risotto, and offered a personal copy of the recipe.  he was truly appreciative of my enjoyment and enthusiasm over this dish, but i was ever more thankful for his kindness.  since then, i have followed him to all his venues, in new york, my luvFAB Locanda VerdeJoe’s PubThe Library at the Public, and The Dutchboth in new york city and south beach, florida.  albeit his accomplishments and success, he remains unaffected, and as genuine as when we first met, and he kindly extended his tomato recipe.  Andrew Carmellini, has two fantastic cookbooks, Urban Italian and American Flavor, filled with great recipes, but andrew’s tomato risotto, remains a personal favourite.  i must say that this recipe brings me many compliments, which i return to him.  on the way home, from the Locanda Verde pop-up, at Harry’s Pizzeria, once again, connections came to mind.  perhaps something about michael, and Michaels Genuineit occurred to me, that we connect best, when we are genuine, and that is the trigger for thebestdressup now!

andrew carmellini, locanda verde, harry's pizzeria miami, florida, the best dressup 

Andrew Carmelliniat Harry’s Pizzeria  pop-up, autographing his new book, American Flavor.  this book is a luvFIND, that will get you to discover flavours to charm and satisfy your appetite.

happry's pizzeria pop-up, miami, florida, the best dress up

the wild boar at Harry’s Pizzeria, reminds me of all things genuine.  with genuine innocence, my babylove, who is 4 years old, wants to know why the wolf is on the wall?

andrew carmellini, tomato risotto recipe, the best dress up

this recipe is a charm that i treasure, and as well, enjoy the delicious results.  it could be, that all it takes to make a genuine connection, is to follow a recipe, and this is a dish for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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  1. belocchio says:

    I would have loved to have joined you. When I tell friends what my fav food is PIZZA they shake their heads. To me a good pizza is like gold. Although my husband and I (both chefs as you know) had our own little French Restaurant for years, we still loved going out for pizza. So much so we opened a Pizzeria in Vancouver that was considered one of the best on the west coast. Virginia

  2. gotasté says:

    love the concept of your blog and thanks for visiting mine and liking it.

  3. ciao! thanks for your kind words. your blog is a luvFIND.

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