happy birthday

happy– adjective (happier, happiest) feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. Plautus

when extending birthday wishes, we say happy birthday.  the key word is happy.  and that is what the wish is about.  this day marks your birth, and you are, on that day, not old, but rather as young as you will ever be.  on that day, that is something to celebrate.  it’s the day to celebrate your life, and that is certainly something to be happy about.  it’s a choice. since i can remember, i have looked forward  to this day.  i am told in jest, that i don’ just have a birthday, but a birthday season.  i find that, as long as anyone wants to celebrate my birthday, me, i am happy to celebrate.  this month, i am well into my happy birthday season.  still celebrating.  we have one life to live.  find the light.  the fountains are within. bring it on.  happy.  light the candles.  happy birthday.  happy and birthday are luvMUST for thebestdressup now!

happy birtthday, the best dress up

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Marcel Proust 

birthday, the best dress up

some gifts are camera shy, but some just want to be the stars.  all the gifts have been much appreciated as they have brought me a happy birthday wish.  my heart profits.  this is affection for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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10 Responses to happy birthday

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog http://andlifesmile.woredpress.com & I am happy that you liked my post :http://andlifesmile.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/charisma/

    You too have an awesome blog.

    and life smiles.

  2. Angeline M says:

    Well, one little like on my blog has brought me here, and I’m hooked. Lovely blog!

  3. marivgb says:

    Wow! You deserve it and much more!!! You are the best! Xoxo

  4. ciao! i am thankful. your words dress my heart.

  5. The true meaning of ‘ happy birthday!’ . Its beautiful and creative 🙂

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