my curiosity was aroused when my dear friend, marc olivier, took out his cell and reserved a table, assuring us we would be pleased with the restaurant.  i could not have ever anticipated the splendid choice he made for us.  in paris, france, on the 2nd arrondissement, is the Passage des Panoramas, the oldest covered passageway in paris and one of the first in the world, dating to 1799.  inside this eclectic commercial passageway you will find a treat, my now luvFAB Restaurant Passage 53.  arriving at the Passage des Panoramas the first time, last year, was a bit disconcerting though, as this address is not the usual for a michelin starred restaurant.  looking to find comfort in the habitual is not always the best way to approach new experiences.  anyhow, the odds were on my side.  i met guillame guedj, the part owner and manager, for the first time then, but there was a deja vu as he looked very familiar.  we had both been living in miami, and so it was likely, that we may had previously met there.  guillame guedj, is an affable and attentive host, and immediately made us feel quite at home.  he remains on the ground floor, not missing any detail that would assist in the blissful experience, while on the floor above, the meticulous japanese master chef, shinichi sato, commands. through a staircase, which is a listed historic monument from 1798, you access the kitchen, and from this paradise above, the finest culinary flavours arrive to your table. the unexpected asian and french combinations of this cuisine surprise the senses with its finesse and quality.  there are two degustation menus, and the preparations are an intuitive balance of desire and satisfaction.  i could only imagine Dante Alighieri dining here, and proposing two circles of heaven, separated by the spiraling staircase; the dining room below and the kitchen above.  the cuisine is matched with a superb wine list that include an impressive selection of burgundy wines as well as champagnes. Restaurant Passage 53 has received a much deserved second michelin star, and for those who are eating with abandonment; this is paradise found.  when in paris last week, i had to return to this ingenious and intimate address.  Restaurant Passage 53, is bliss for the palate of thebestdressup now!


the enchanting Passage des Panoramas is the route to a paradise on earth, and that entrance, to my luvFAB Restaurant Passage 53is just a bit ahead to the right.

restaurant passage 53, paris, france, the best dress up

marc chagall often depicted heaven in his works.  it is not by chance that at the Restaurant Passage 53, you will find the marc chagall images on the service plates;   anticipating the experience that lies ahead.  in this blissful address on earth, you will experience a taste of heaven, cloud nine for thebestdressup now!

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ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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