it was just the other day, at lunch, that i realized how important the decor details in a restaurant are.  and i know that AnneSophie Pic knows this, as it became obvious why BRUNO BORRIONE  was chosen for the interior decor of her much anticipated paris address.  her restaurant in valence, france, Maison Pic, holds three michelin stars and she was recognized last year as world’s best female chef.  i find her very new paris venue, La Dame de Pic to be the ultimate in feminine decor and subtle elegance.  the memory of this restaurant setting is still dazzling my senses, inasmuch as the food is not.  it is not to say that our food was not enjoyed.  indubitably, lunch was just delicious, i was enamoured with the complete offering, but i am still savouring the luvFAB decor details.  the design projects olfactory, tactile and visual gratification, and yes, the food, did as well satisfy the appetite.  i do appreciate and understand this cuisine, but again, the luvFAB decor, was just so innovative in terms of scale and presentation, that this is what still lingers in my mind.  entering La Dame de Pic through a short narrow and unassuming corridor, to find the splendid dinning setting, is quite modern and a most sensuous transition.  our female server was attentive and caring, as well as the rest of the staff, reflecting with enthusiasm the youthful exuberance of La Dame de Pic.  we were seated, and suggesting further to the feminine atmosphere, next to our table was a woman who sat alone enjoying her lunch.  i found this a bit surprising as this restaurant only offers 3 degustation menus, and one seldom encounters a female eating alone at gastronomical venues.  emiko, was visiting from japan and eager to engage in conversation.  she was extroverted and extended a joyful exuberance.  before departing, she offered me a keepsake.  i have yet to meet someone so exquisite and open.  she was a refreshing reminder of the pure essence of the delicate balance of femininity, as was La Dame de Pic this restaurant name is a play of words; pique is french for spades and pic is french for peak.  both atmosphere and food hold the winning hand.   AnneSophie Pic is the queen of spades, at her peak, and in this game she holds the supreme card for thebestdressup now!

anne-sophie pic, la dame de pic, paris la dame de pic, france. the best dress up

is that the cunning catherine de medici looking at us?  she was the italian that brought her chefs along to france, when she married henry, duc d’orleans, ultimately became queen of france, and the most powerful woman in the 16th century in europe.  i meant to ask, but nonetheless, my fantasy has merit in the context of La Dame de Pic in paris, france.

la dame de pic, paris, la dame de pic restaurant paris france phillipe bousseton, the best dress up

to escalate the menu flavours, the olfactory senses are challenged with the perfumes designed by perfumer, Philippe Bousseton and AnneSophie Pic.  i found exciting the possibility, and the effort to translate edible aromas into the sublime scents that would inspire a menu.  scents are extreme femininity for thebestdressup now!

la dame de pic, la dame de pic, paris, france, the best dress up. anne sophie pic

lunch just started at La Dame de Pic, and aromatic surprises are yet to be served.

just before emiko was leaving La Dame de Pic, she opened her handbag and offered me this.  she told me that she had made it and it was for good luck.  this affectionate act from this gracious woman touched the heart of thebestdressup now!

la dame de pic, paris france, the best dress up

a precious detail on the business card of restaurant La Dame de Pic.  the queen of spades is the chef…AnneSophie Pic holds the winning card.

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ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.
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  1. Andrea says:

    Definitely, what a splendid site and enlightening posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.Best Regards!

  2. afracooking says:

    I am so glad you dropped by my blog as it made me discover yours!

  3. ciao! thanks, and i do hope it rewards your discovery.
    yours is a luvFIND.

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