3 luvSTUFF = 3 luvMUST

1)  pastille de Vichy mints– it was 1825 in vichy, france, and jean pierre joseph d’arcet, a chemist, figured a way to extract the active elements of the vichy thermal mineral waters and the pharmacist, bartillat, created with the mineral extracts, which are still used as an ingredient, this pastille to aid digestion.  the unique octagonal shaped confection was given an imperial decree for its original shape in 1862, and was much appreciated by the french aristocracy.  this delicate minty flavoured pastille is the most famous mint in france, and the favourite mint for thebestdressup now!

vichy pastilles, vichy mints, vichy, france,  the best dress up

2) HEDIARD Paris— ferdinand hediard, with a passion for quality, in 1850, set a costermonger’s barrow and sold exotic fruit in paris, france, and 4 years later, founded his first luxury food shop, that he called, the counter of spices and the colonies.  along with an extensive selection of the world’s finest food products, HEDIARD offers a range of over 50 jams to suit the most gourmand palate.  this exquisite fine jam, fig from provence, is made according to a traditional recipe with the ripest figs, and will transport the senses to the sunny provencal fields.  this is a jam to spread on bread for thebestdressup now!

hediard paris, hediard fine fig jam, hediard fine jam fig from provence, the best dress up

3) Jacques Selosse— a champagne estate founded in the avize region of champagne in the 1950’s, and bottled it’s first vintage champagne in 1960.  the entire production is grown using biodynamic principles, and the wines are fermented in oak barrels.  in 1994 anselme, who succeeded his father in 1980, was named the best french winemaker by gault millau.  Jacques Selosse champagne brut rosé, is salmon coloured, with wonderful aromas of red berries and it’s produced using chardonnay grapes from Jacques Selosse‘s vineyard and pinot noir grapes from egly-ouriet in ambonnay.  this compelling and vibrant champagne rosé is in the toasting flute for thebestdressup now!

jaques selosse champagne brut rose, jaques selosse champagne, the best dress up

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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