dress the sticker

so seldom do i watch the tube.  i do not object to the tube or the remote control, it’s just that i am not watching.  but last month, it was on in the morning hour, as i was enjoying my daily cappuccino, my daily segmented orange, and reading the newspaper, i overheard the TODAY show host, Natalie Morales, talking about stickers.  the Hampton Paper Designs is making personalized small round stickers that you can stick on anything that suits your imagination.  straightaway i visualized my personalized image on stickers, as i anticipated sticking thebestdressup on anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere, and therefore contacted them immediately.  i am into the detail of the small things, that indeed do make a huge difference, and those clever little stickers seemed just the perfect stickable detail.  Hampton Paper Designs offer over 350 images based on hand painted watercolors, but my heart image was not to be found among those. the Hampton Paper Designs took my heart to heart, because they understood i wanted my heart to stick, and a transplant had to be arranged.  with much care and attention, they managed to transplant my heart image on personalized stickers, which took the first beat last night.  i hosted my book club last night, and for each of my book club girlfriends, in small envelopes, i tucked a surprise that i brought back from my summer holiday.  a sticker dressed with my personalized heart image sealed the small envelopes.  these 3/4 inch personalized stickers are a most particular divine detail, and what fun one can have deciding where to stick them.  what was in the envelope?  i can only share that thebestdressup stickers sealed luck, and from my heart that is precisely what i am sticking to.  i am stuck on these stickers and everyone should be stuck so well.  these stickers are a luvMUST for thebestdressup now!

hampton paper designs, stickers, the best dress up

the Hampton Paper Designs is on target with the smallest detail.  they managed to dress the sticker with my heart and fit thebestdressup.com in a 3/4 inch circumference.  they are a luvFIND to stick to.

hampton paper designs, stickers, the best dress up

what is in the envelope?  unstick thebestdressup sticker and you will find that the small details do make a huge difference.  small details are for thebestdressup now!

About thebestdressup

ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it. thebestdressup.com
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2 Responses to dress the sticker

  1. janine says:

    ciao Emma i love these stickers they are all just so you filled with heart all over ..

  2. ciao! thanks for (ad)dressing my blog…you are in my heart!

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