ciao! ciao is hello or goodbye; a salutation on greeting or parting in italian.  it embraces a beginning and an end in a most informal way.  leave it to the italian language to offer this  ‘2 in one’ word.  a duality of sorts.  as ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’, perhaps ‘ciao’ proposes that we are not parting when we say ‘ciao’ as we depart.  we are simply ascertaining that we will greet again.  so, as it is in the greeting that we delight, is this not just the best word?  and with such enthusiasm we should greet every aspect of our life. when ‘ciao’ is used on departure, it reminds that an enthusiastic greeting awaits.  ciao! what a luvFAB word.  this is the salutation for thebestdressup now!

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blue sky ferragosto

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. ~ LFrank Baum 

i became accustomed to anticipate that ferragosto would be a blue sky day.  but with the unpredictability of todays climate, it is more often than not, everything but a blue sky day.  but it is ferragosto, and a blue sky ferragosto should be dreamed.  simply because, if your sky is cloudy or rain, hail, or snow is pouring down, remember that above all that, the sky is blue.  dreams come true, just as a luvFAB blue sky ferragosto does.  i wish everyone a blue sky ferragosto.  a blue sky ferragosto is for thebestdressup now!


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as i walked in Cantina La Veinte Miami, i had doubts of my whereabouts.  although i was a bit jet lagged, i was conscious, and i knew that i was in miami and not in mexico.  the night was to be a pleasant surprise.  i felt a warmth not related to the scorching summer temperatures.  it was from the warm reception.  cantina la veinte is a new mexican restaurant in miami; like no other here.  or for that matter in other places.  miami is close to mexico,  but does not have a great selection of mexican restaurants.  i am not a huge fan of the mexican cuisine abroad.  i was skeptical about the dinner, but the company was wonderful, and i was up for the surprise.  surprised i was.  cantina la veinte is a bar, market, and restaurant that offers a warm atmosphere in an indoor and outdoor setting.  this is not your typical mexican venue though.  an interesting mix of contemporary and ethnic decor makes up for great ambiance.  this is a luvMUST venue to frequent, and the outstanding quality served here is what will keep me coming back again and again.  no wonder i felt as if i was in mexico; last night i felt the warmth of the mexicans and its cuisine.  it’s just the best to be surprised.  viva la veinte.  la veinte is for thebestdressup now!


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it is just that…forte love.  forte dei marmi that is.  there are so many destinations and specifically summer destinations on earth, so to select just one as ‘the’ destination is most unfair.  forte dei marmi in italy, is not the ultimate destination, but it is for me a special forte (strong) love.  forte dei marmi has evolved from a quiet seaside town to a resort destination.  as my summer destinations have included breathtaking beaches-hidden beaches in greece, beaches in the middle of the mediterranean in sardegna, and stretches of white sand and turquoise water in the caribbean, i was not taken on my first visit.  as a summer resort, forte dei marmi, offers a beach but this is not the seduction.  i can’t quite with exactitude say what it has that did seduce me.  i returned to forte, to visit my godchildren’s mother; this area is her hometown.  when she had twins, my godchildren became the primary reason for the yearly visits.  through the years, so many dear friends and locals have extended much warmth and affection that forte is now engrained in my heart.  i now find forte dei marmi to be a seaside resort where art, culture, music, and sports fill the days, along with bicycle rides, the coveted transport mode.  the local cuisine is an added bonus,  just simple and delicious.  forte is a luvFIND destination.  it is not the most exotic or the most extraordinary beach destination.  it is just ‘forte’ love.  a strong love is for thebestdressup now!



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a sunny beach day

forte dei marmi, italy, the best dress upit’s a sunny beach day.  it’s summer, and a day at the beach, is a luvMUST.  and yes, the sun shines everywhere, not just above the beach.  but at the beach, when it shines in the morning hour, it embraces you.  i feel the rays caresses.  a languid stroll, sunshine, sand and water.  find a beach.  a beach day to feel the sun shine on and in you.  a sunny beach day is for thebestdressup now!


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the kiss

the kiss, gustav klimt, vienna, austria, the best dress up

yes, i saw the kiss.  i felt the kiss…in vienna, austria, at the belvedere museum.  i had seen the kiss, but not the actual kiss.  i had seen so many photos.  and this is a kiss that must be seen.  the actual kiss.  Gustav Klimt‘s painting explodes with passion and sensuality. the kiss unites the lovers.  ahhh, the kiss is a luvMUST.  i so like this unity.  this is the kiss is for thebestdressup now!

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2014 world cuo, the best dress up

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller

i arrived in gstaad, switzerland, just in time to watch the semi final world cup.  this game emphasized what teamwork is all about.  although one team won, both teams gave their all to their group.  the selfless act to work in unision for a goal, is success in itself.  every team player knows that.  personal ambition has its merits, but as a team, we can accomplish so much more.  teamwork works.  i so like the results of selfless collaborations.  teamwork is for thebestdressup now!

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make a goal





the world cup creates such excitement.  even those that have never heard or cared about football (soccer), suddenly become interested.  the adrenaline that flows in the game, creates a contagious energy.  when your fave team is defeated and bitten, you feel the pain, but then you root for the next fave team.  even hard core fans find the next team to support. you want to connect to that energy.  it’s that excitement that we yearn.  the adrenaline is at a high when that goal is scored.  this goal is ours.  this moment is ours.  go for the goal. make a goal.  making a goal is for thebestdressup now!


turn up

miami, the best dress uoI think the most romantic thing you can do is just turn up. Turn up when it’s difficult for you. Travel halfway around the world or just up the road. Whatever it is, just be there. ~ James McAvoy

turning up can be difficult and complicated.  too much to sort to make it there.  but if you are not there, you will be missed or worst yet, you will miss being there.  there is an element of excitement, not to be missed, by being there.  as you are here now, make the effort to be there.  don’t miss being there.  turn up is a luvMUST.  being there is for thebestdressup now!



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forever young

paloma, miami, the best dress uptoday, as i left the funeral services, Jay-Z ‘s ‘forever young’ played softly.  outside the church, the lyrics continued to play in my head.  what exactly is forever young?  is 9,172 days forever young?  those were the days of paloma’s life.  about a week ago, just a month after her 25th birthday, paloma de mazieres was killed in a boating accident. forever and ever, she will be forever young.  she was love and loved.  everyone who spoke at her service affirmed paloma’s zest for life.  paloma lived to the fullest, she embraced life, and she seized every moment.  she lived life.  everyone repeated the unconditional love she gave to all who knew her, and her capacity to forgive anyone who hurt her. paloma was forever young, but wise beyond her years.  i will be reminded, forever in my years, what was said about paloma.  she has touched my life in a most peculiar way…the lyrics play on and she is forever young for thebestdressup now!


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